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About Sultanpur

Sultanpur is a city in Sultanpur District in Uttar Pradesh. It is administered by a municipality. It is situated on the banks of Gomti River which is a tributary of River Ganges. It is the administrative headquarters of District of Sultanpur and falls under Faizabad division. The people here speak Awadhi, a dialect of Hindi.

About Sultanpur

History of Sultanpur

The history of Sultanpur dates back to Vedic Period and Lord Rama divided this city between his sons and brothers. The ancient city that was situated on the banks of Gomti River was called as Kusapura or Kusabhavanpur. It was named after Kusa, the city’s founder. The city was under the rule of several kingdoms and it came under Mughals during 12th century. Later, it came under British rule after the 1857 revolt where it was made as a Zamindari. Gradually, the present town of Sultanpur was developed. 

Geography of Sultanpur

Sultanpur is situated at 26.27o N 82.07o E and the total area of the city is 4436 Sq KM with an elevation of 95 m (312 ft). Geography of the city comprises plain lands except around the region surrounding Gomti River which drains the whole city. But on the southern part, the city is drained by Sai River that flows through Pratapgarh district. The important mineral found here is Kanker and clay is also found throughout the region. 

Climate of Sultanpur

The city has a tropical wet as well as dry climate with the average temperature varying between 20-28oC. The city experiences summer, mild autumn and monsoon seasons. March to May is the summer season with the warmest month being April. However, the city receives rainfall during May and the nights are cool even during summer. The monsoon season falls during June to October and Autumn starts in November. The wettest month of Sultanpur is July. 

Administration of Sultanpur

The city is governed by Municipal Corporation and falls under Sultanpur Metropolitan Region. 

Business and Economy in Sultanpur

The predominant occupation of people of Sultanpur is agriculture. However, industries such as computer, automobile, hardware manufacturing, technology, small scale industries and healthcare also exist here. The main crops cultivated in Sultanpur are Wheat, Rice, Poppy, Barley and Sugarcane. Jagdishpur is the major industrial hub of Sultanpur.

Culture of Sultanpur

Sultanpur was originally called as Kushbhawanpura and later renamed as “Sultanpur” which literally means “City of beautiful vines”. However, the name is often mistaken for “City of Sultan - Sultanpur”. The city was a centre of Buddhist and Hindu culture and in the 12th century, it was occupied by Muslims. The city was completely destroyed during the 1857 revolt and later rebuilt.

Some of the festivals celebrated in Sultanpur are Ramnavami, Nag Panchami, Holi, Diwali and Dussehra.  

Tourism in Sultanpur

Some of the tourist attractions of Sultanpur are:

New Yamuna Bridge

This bridge was construction in collaboration with Hyundai Engineering and Construction and Hindustan Construction Company. This is the first cable bridge of India with six lanes. 


Lord Hanuman’s huge temple is located here. According to local legend, Kalnemi, the demon was killed here by Lord Hanuman. Ravana sent this demon to hinder Lord Hanuman from bringing Sanjeevni Booti for Laxman.


Many magnificent temples dedicated to Lord Shiva, Lord Rama and Sita, Pokharas and Lord Hanuman. In Hanuman Temple, a great fair is held during the Kuaar month on Purnima day during which more than ten thousand pilgrims gather in Keoripur. 

Khusro Bagh

Famous tourist destination of the region as it houses tomb of Emperor Jahangir’s son Prince Khusro.

Victoria Manzil

It was built in commemoration of Queen Victoria’s first jubilee. Now it houses Municipal office and is known as Sunder Lal Memorial Hall.

Christ Church

This church is situated in Civil Lines opposite to the Collectorate. It was consecrated in 1869.

Chimanlal Park

This park is maintained privately.

Vinayak Mehta Library

Though it is aided by municipal board, it is run by Vinayak Mehta Library Trust Association. It houses over 10000 books.


This is the place where Goddess Sita wife of Lord Rama bathed during her exile and is situated on the banks of Gomti River. Bathing fairs are organized during the Hindu month of Kartika and Chaitra.

Services and Utilities in Sultanpur

Sultanpur comes with all the public utility services needed for the growth and development of agriculture and industries and also for the smooth life of the people. Some of the utilities available in Sultanpur are:

Banking Services in Sultanpur

There are several public and private banks available in Sultanpur. Let’s see here some of the banks in Sultanpur. 

Axis Bank
State Highway 34, Civil Line
Uttar Pradesh 228 001
Tel: 05362-243736

Canara Bank
485 First Floor Majorganj Chawk
Sabji Mandi
Uttar Pradesh 228 001
Tel: 05362-240065

Bank of India
Daryapur Tiraha, Sultanpur-Allahabad Road
Uttar Pradesh 228 001
Tel: 05362-226526

Punjab National Bank
Uttar Pradesh 228 001
Tel: 1800-1802222

Bank of Baroda
Regional Office-Bank of Baroda
PWD Office Road
Uttar Pradesh 228 001
Tel: 1800-223344

Allahabad Bank
15 Civil Lines
Uttar Pradesh 228 001
Tel: 05362-222422
Email: br.sultanpur@allahabadbank.in 

Indian Bank
671 1 Soni Complex, Dariyapur Road
Uttar Pradesh 228 001
Tel: 05362-227028

Sultanpur District Cooperative Bank Ltd
AT & PO Civil Lines, Sadar District
Sultanpur-Allahabad Road
Uttar Pradesh 228 001
Tel: 05362-240246

Fire Services in Sultanpur

The address of Sultanpur fire service station is:

Fire Service Station
Uttar Pradesh 228 001
Tel: 9454418737

Postal and Courier Services in Sultanpur

The address of post office in Sultanpur is: 

Sultanpur Sub Post Office
Civil Lines
Uttar Pradesh 228 001

Some of the courier services available in Sultanpur are 

First Flight Courier
Sultanpur HO, Near Ambe Sahay Road
Uttar Pradesh 228 001
Tel: 9838006285, 9415085232

Blue Dart Express Ltd
C/o Akarshan Express, A-4 Sultanpur HO
Super Market
Uttar Pradesh 228 001
Tel: 9450971552

Shree Maruti Courier Service Pvt Ltd
Rajshree Palace, Sultanpur HO
Uttar Pradesh 228 001
Tel: 9307216635, 9336197543

Trackon Couriers
657 Daryapur Road
Sultanpur HO
Uttar Pradesh 228 001
Tel: 05362-227106, 9369992325

The Professional Couriers
Katwa Road, Opp to Oriental Bank of Commerce 
Uttar Pradesh 227 405
Tel: 9336523380

Madhur Courier Services
1488 Behind Dr A M Sing Badiyya
Beer Mohalla
Uttar Pradesh 228 001
Tel: 9721756104
Website: www.madhurcouriers.in

Origin Express India Ltd
Rama Complex, Chowk
Uttar Pradesh 228 001
Tel: 05362-225473

Akash Ganga Courier Ltd
1246 Civil Line No 2
Uttar Pradesh 228 001
Tel: 05362-225212

Telecom and Broadband Services in Sultanpur

The address of the BSNL office in Sultanpur is

BSNL Office
Lal Diggi Road, Civil Line
Uttar Pradesh 228 001

Private telecom companies also operate in Sultanpur.

How to Reach Sultanpur

Sultanpur is well connected by road to other cities of the state of Uttar Pradesh and other states. UPSRTC buses and private buses operate here. Sultanpur also has a Railway Junction and is connected with other cities of the state and other states by railways. The nearest airport is Allahabad Domestic Airport which is some 2 hours drive and the second nearest airport is Chaudhary Charan Singh Airport, Lucknow situated at 148 Kms.  

Quick Facts about Sultanpur

Government - Municipal Councillor  
Population as per the 2011 census - 116,211
Time zone - IST
Postal Index Number - 228 001
STD Code - 05362
Official Languages - Hindi

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