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What is a Pincode?

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post. In India, the Pin-code is 6 digits long. First digit means region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code. India has a total of nine PIN zones.

Sultanpur Pincode / Post Office Search (SULTANPUR, Uttar Pradesh)

Agai B.O 228121SultanpurUttar Pradesh
Ahimane B.O 228001SultanpurUttar Pradesh
Ainjar B.O 227814SultanpurUttar Pradesh
Akorhi B.O 228151SultanpurUttar Pradesh
Aliganj Bazar S.O 227805SultanpurUttar Pradesh
Angnakol B.O 228118SultanpurUttar Pradesh
Athaisi B.O 228120SultanpurUttar Pradesh
Baburi B.O 227805SultanpurUttar Pradesh
Bahadurpur B.O 228001SultanpurUttar Pradesh
Bahlolpur B.O 227808SultanpurUttar Pradesh
Baidaha B.O 228119SultanpurUttar Pradesh
Baijapur B.O 228001SultanpurUttar Pradesh
Ballipur B.O 228125SultanpurUttar Pradesh
Bandhua Kalan B.O 227808SultanpurUttar Pradesh
Bankepur B.O 227808SultanpurUttar Pradesh
Bansi B.O 228155SultanpurUttar Pradesh
Baregaon B.O 228119SultanpurUttar Pradesh
Baura Jagdishpur B.O 228142SultanpurUttar Pradesh
Bela Pashchim B.O 227805SultanpurUttar Pradesh
Bhandara B.O 228155SultanpurUttar Pradesh
Bhanti B.O 227408SultanpurUttar Pradesh
Bhapta B.O 228001SultanpurUttar Pradesh
Bhikhupur B.O 228142SultanpurUttar Pradesh
Bijhuri B.O 228142SultanpurUttar Pradesh
Bikana B.O 227408SultanpurUttar Pradesh
Bikwajitpur B.O 228001SultanpurUttar Pradesh
Bingi B.O 228121SultanpurUttar Pradesh
Chakchurawanpur B.O 228151SultanpurUttar Pradesh
Chandaur B.O 228121SultanpurUttar Pradesh
Chandipur B.O 228151SultanpurUttar Pradesh
Chhatauna B.O 228001SultanpurUttar Pradesh
Chorma B.O 228142SultanpurUttar Pradesh
Dadupur B.O 227815SultanpurUttar Pradesh
Damodarpur B.O 228120SultanpurUttar Pradesh
Deora B.O 227814SultanpurUttar Pradesh
Dhajai Keshavpur B.O 228151SultanpurUttar Pradesh
Dhakwa B.O 228001SultanpurUttar Pradesh
Dharawan B.O 227805SultanpurUttar Pradesh
Dheka Pakhanpur B.O 228151SultanpurUttar Pradesh
Dhundhu B.O 228151SultanpurUttar Pradesh
Dubepur B.O 227815SultanpurUttar Pradesh
Fatehpur Sangat B.O 228119SultanpurUttar Pradesh
Ferozpur Kala B.O 228155SultanpurUttar Pradesh
Gaura B.O 228151SultanpurUttar Pradesh
Gorabarik B.O 228001SultanpurUttar Pradesh
Guptarganj B.O 228151SultanpurUttar Pradesh
Haji Patti B.O 227805SultanpurUttar Pradesh
Hanumanganj B.O 228001SultanpurUttar Pradesh
Hayatnagar B.O 228119SultanpurUttar Pradesh
Inayatpur B.O 228125SultanpurUttar Pradesh
Isur B.O 228142SultanpurUttar Pradesh
Jajjaur B.O 228121SultanpurUttar Pradesh
Jasapara B.O 228119SultanpurUttar Pradesh
Jura Patti B.O 228151SultanpurUttar Pradesh
Jurupur B.O 227808SultanpurUttar Pradesh
Kaithwara B.O 228120SultanpurUttar Pradesh
Kanauli B.O 228125SultanpurUttar Pradesh
Kareban B.O 228142SultanpurUttar Pradesh
Katawan B.O 228001SultanpurUttar Pradesh
Khadar Basantpur B.O 228155SultanpurUttar Pradesh
Khokhipur B.O 227805SultanpurUttar Pradesh
Kotia B.O 227805SultanpurUttar Pradesh
Kotwa Lahangrai B.O 228151SultanpurUttar Pradesh
Lahauta B.O 228142SultanpurUttar Pradesh
Lohra Mau B.O 228001SultanpurUttar Pradesh
Madhavpur Chhatauna B.O 228119SultanpurUttar Pradesh
Mahmoodpur B.O 228125SultanpurUttar Pradesh
Mahrajganj B.O 227808SultanpurUttar Pradesh
Majhana B.O 227805SultanpurUttar Pradesh
Makdoomnagar B.O 228121SultanpurUttar Pradesh
Manipur Patna B.O 228125SultanpurUttar Pradesh
Maniyarpur B.O 227808SultanpurUttar Pradesh
Misrauli B.O 228119SultanpurUttar Pradesh
Motiganj B.O 228125SultanpurUttar Pradesh
Murua B.O 228121SultanpurUttar Pradesh
Nachana B.O 228151SultanpurUttar Pradesh
Nandrai B.O 227814SultanpurUttar Pradesh
Naugawan Raitasi B.O 227808SultanpurUttar Pradesh
Naugawan Tir B.O 228155SultanpurUttar Pradesh
Padare B.O 227814SultanpurUttar Pradesh
Palahipur B.O 227808SultanpurUttar Pradesh
Parsa Darwa B.O 228142SultanpurUttar Pradesh
Parsara B.O 228142SultanpurUttar Pradesh
Parsipur B.O 228155SultanpurUttar Pradesh
Parwar B.O 228151SultanpurUttar Pradesh
Peero Saraia B.O 227814SultanpurUttar Pradesh
Pipargaon B.O 228121SultanpurUttar Pradesh
Pratap Pur B.O 228125SultanpurUttar Pradesh
Rajupur Ikdala B.O 228151SultanpurUttar Pradesh
Ramapur B.O 227808SultanpurUttar Pradesh
Ramnagar Kot B.O 228001SultanpurUttar Pradesh
Rupapur B.O 228155SultanpurUttar Pradesh
Saidkhanpur B.O 228151SultanpurUttar Pradesh
Saifullaganj B.O 228119SultanpurUttar Pradesh
Sarkaura B.O 228155SultanpurUttar Pradesh
Seur Chamurkha B.O 228151SultanpurUttar Pradesh
Shahpur B.O 227808SultanpurUttar Pradesh
Singhni B.O 227814SultanpurUttar Pradesh
Sohgauli B.O 228155SultanpurUttar Pradesh
Sonara B.O 228125SultanpurUttar Pradesh
Teary B.O 228119SultanpurUttar Pradesh
Tirchhe B.O 228155SultanpurUttar Pradesh
Ugharpur B.O 228119SultanpurUttar Pradesh
Uturi B.O 228001SultanpurUttar Pradesh

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